During my fashion and textile course I did two things: a t-shirt and leggins. Our tutors gave us simple white shirts and said to do whatever we want. The first thing I thought about was to make hands on waist and then to choose fabrics according to what I will find in a shop. We bought all the stuff we needed at John Lewis( it was the closest and the best fabric shop near our college. And it’s not only fabric shop, you also can find different things for your house, cosmetic, clothing etc.)
Making leggins was faster and more exciting, because I used a new technology for me- fabric dying. I needed to  wrap my leggins( which I made up myself) with a thick thread very tight and then to put it into dyeing. I used dark blue color…and I wanted it to be like a dark denim, but it was lighter than I expexted. Despite this I’m  happy with the result.
We also did different printing and collages. We were taught to use sewing machine  and how to do frills and ruffles. I’m so sad now that I can’t show others the way our  workshop looks like( because photos were deleted in a strange way, also my photos from London were deleted:(…) But it is very nice with pink chairs)